Tacoma Hilltop Library Planning Committee

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Essay Contest Entries

Justus Muhammad, 6th grade  Winner

 Why I Want a Library in the Hilltop

A library in the Hilltop will be important to help people increase their knowledge and learn new things. It would also be a great place for youth to learn and not just sit at home. Also, having a library in the in Hilltop will be easier to get to for those that live here.

To be able to read and write is something that will benefit us for the rest of our lives whether you’re a lawyer or a plumber. By having a library in my community, more of us will be able to participate in the Summer Reading Club and it would help us retain knowledge over the summer. If youth are struggling in school, a library would be a great place for tutoring. Beyond reading, a library could be a cool place to learn something new such as how to create comics (which I love to do)!

I want a library in the Hilltop because it will be easier for me to get to as a young person. Families, children, and the elderly will have less time and trouble getting to and from the library in Hilltop than some other library farther away.

We should definitely have a library in the Hilltop, so we can read books more often, increase our literacy levels, and also so we can lift up the youth here. A Hilltop library will be more convenient for families here, and children like me who are hungry to read, learn, and write!


Samuel Vazquez, 5th Grade Winner

Dear Hilltop Library Planning Committee,

There are three reasons I want a library in the hilltop. MY first reason is kids could get books that they couldn’t find at their school library. My second reason is kids could have more time to research after school, or during the summer. My third reason is kids could chill out in the library during the summer, they could go to the library to calm down, cool down, and to relax and clear their mind.

Reason one, kids could get books. Lots of good books are being checked out then lost in lots of school libraries. A School library is mostly small, but a library can make everyone’s day a better day.

Reason two, kids could have more time to research after school or during the summer. They could make their own projects during the summer or they could go to the library after school and continue the project there if you don’t have time to finish the project at their school.

Reason three, kids could chill out in the library during the summer or after school. During the summer you will want to be in a place that is cold. After school (if you had a bad day), you can relax at the library or you could calm down if it was a tough day.

My first reason was that kids could get a book for school if they couldn’t find one at their school library. My second reason was that the kids could have more time researching or for fun at any time they had. My reason was sometimes the library is the best place to cool down or to calm down. These are my three reasons why I want a library on the hilltop. So now I want to know what you think.


Nora Hannawalt, 4th Grade Winner
Hilltop Needs a Library

Do you like the library? Do you want one closer to you? Currently there is no library in Hilltop, but it would be nice to have one.

We need a library because of the resources it provides. For example, people might need to print something, or want to find a new recipe, or want to find a good book to read. If a library has some or all these resources, it saves people money and if it is in the person’s neighborhood it would be easy to access.
You are probably thinking, why have a library in Hilltop? We have a library in Tacoma. However, some people need a library in their neighborhood. Some people don’t have a car, or their parents are not around and can’t take them to the library. If there was a library in Hilltop more people would walk and use those resources.

Kids need a safe place to go after school. The library is a perfect place where kids can feel safe, do homework, not get involved in stuff that they should not do, and have fun. If kids had a library to go to after school, there would be fewer kids getting in trouble at school because they did not have a place to do their homework or not the right materials to do it.

This is only a bit of the growing list of why kids and adults all over Hilltop want a library. Please think what you can do to bring a library to Hilltop.


Izabel Nguyen, Grade 6 

Dear Hilltop Library Planning Committee,

Having a library in the Hilltop community would be a great opportunity for kids and adults to improve their reading experience. Visualize children observing books of all shapes and sizes. All ages reading and studying. Reading to entertain and to grow in knowledge. You could find books about history, animals, technology, and plenty more to learn about.

A library in Hilltop would be a lot easier to walk or to ride a bike to. Transportation is always needed when going from one place to another. Instead of going to a downtown library, you could have a library near your location! It wouldn’t be difficult to go to a library in Hilltop because the library would not be too far. It could also help the Earth too! Usually, people drive to places. But if the place is not too far, you could walk or ride a bike. Cars cause air pollution, therefore traveling in a car most of the time causes carbon emission due to the burning of the oil.

            Those are the reasons why I think having a library in the Hilltop community is needed. A library is like an open mind. Anybody should be welcome to a beautiful place full of entertainment and information of all sorts. A library in Hilltop would be very helpful to the community.

Thank you very much!



Uriah Wilson, Grade 4

Dear Hilltop Library Planning Committee,

              I live on South Cushman. I have lived there since I was a baby. My family has lived in that same house for a very long time.

              There are several reasons why I’d like a library in the hilltop. One is because it keeps kids committed to reading, because if kids aren’t committed to reading they might get bad grades, and when you get bad grades you might not be able to do what you want to do in life. In my life, I want to be a basketball player. I will need to be able to read schedules, contracts, and play books for my team.  

There are other reasons I want to have a library in my neighborhood. If it is superhot outside people can go to the library to relax and cool down. It is important to have affordable and safe activities to do inside. When you need to study for a test or spell a word you can go to the library and use computers. They also have dictionaries there.

              Probably the best reason is that a library can be a place to learn things you don’t already know like what is a basketball made of or how it got its name. You can learn about math, science, how to do something, or read all sorts of books. Those are the reasons there should be a hilltop library. Thank you for reading my essay.


Minara Sugano, Grade 5

Dear Hilltop Library Committee,

I think you should build a library on the hilltop.  Here are some reasons why Hilltop should have a library.  One reason is that kids can go to the library for fun.  My second reason is that it will improve kids S.B.A.C. scores.

              We can go to library for fun because if we are bored we can go to the library to read.  Kids and adults can go on the computers.  Kids can also go to read aloud in the library.  If someone is bored and they have nothing to do, they might go to the nearest library and read their favorite books, go on computers or go to read aloud.

              Books can improve S.B.A.C scores because reading books will give kids knowledge.  Reading will give kids knowledge because reading nonfiction books will help them in the future.  It will also help them learn new words. It can also help them explain new words to kids that don’t know a word like ‘fantastic’. When kids get more knowledge, they will pass the S.B.A.C test.

              These are the reasons why the hilltop community needs a local library. One reason is that kids can go to the library when they are bored. My second reason is that it will give kids knowledge. Thank you for reading my essay. Minara Sugano


Evelyn Tegeler ,4th Grade

There needs to be a library in Hilltop because people make friends at libraries. Libraries are important because reading helps you learn. I think there should be a library in Hilltop and these are the reasons why.

Librarians make good friends. Once I wanted to learn about my Alaskan heritage and the book was not there. A librarian ordered the book for me and it really helped me learn about my family’s history. Another time a librarian recommended a science book for me and I really liked it. These librarians became good friends.

Reading helps you learn. Reading can help you learn about different cultures and styles. I once learned about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed around the world. I never knew that people thought the world was flat.

Reading takes your mind off things that are bad. I once could not fall asleep, so Mom and Dad let me read a book. When we moved here I read a lot of books to take my mind off the stress of moving and feeling lonely.

So you see reading helps in SO many ways. And that’s why I think there should be a library in Hilltop. I think the question is really, “How soon can we get a library in Hilltop?!”


Teesha Butcher-Davis,  Grade 5

Dear Hilltop Planning Committee

I think that there should be a library in the hilltop. We could go up there and do community things like get a bingo card from the library. Also we can go and be in air conditioning on hot days. There are many reasons that why we need a library in the hilltop. I think the main reason why is so all of us kids who live here can get to the library on our own and grow up to be successful young women and men.                      

              If a library happens us kids could go to the library and go and find books that can help us to study like for tests and go on the computer s to find information. Also if you don’t have the money to buy a newspaper we could look for job applications. Or if you do not have a computer you could go to a library to go to a computer or to play a game there activity’s at the library bingo cards. To win prizes with the bingo card there are lots of thing that you could get. There are hot days in the summer that are hot days. You could go up to the library and have cool air.

We should have a library in the hilltop. The reasons are that you could get cool, the next is to get a bingo card or do activities.  The last but not least is to be successful.     


Remy Knoke, Grade 5

Dear Hilltop Planning Committee,

I believe having a library in the hilltop would be a good idea. One reason there should be a library in the hilltop is because kids could get help on our grades. Also, it would be good because it should be closer to our houses. Finally, you can read books for free there instead of buying them and reading them at your house.

My first reason was you could read during the summer. Most of the time kids don’t really read during the summer. Having a library may encourage kids to read over the summer. The second reason was it could help you with your grades. Kids that don’t read in the summer usually don’t do as well in the beginning of the school year. If a library is put in the hilltop kids could walk there and read. My last one was reading the book at the library for free instead of buying the book for $20.00 or more and reading it at your house.

Now I will review my facts to have a library in the hilltop. Kids may read during the summer. Also, it may help with your grades. Another was it may be closer to your house and instead of buying the book you could read it for free at the library. In conclusion, I have stated my best facts to have a library in the hilltop.                                                                                                                    Sincerely,

Remy Knoke


O’Shea Lamar, Grade 4

Dear Hilltop Library Planning Committee,

              To put a library on the hilltop is a great idea so people can read and learn and get smart. Kids can get off of games and get books to read from the library. Then they could read to their little brothers and sisters, so they can get really smart. So smart they are smarter than you and your mom and dad. Even get smarter than your own teacher. So you don’t have to stay in the same grade for more than one year and you can rock the SBAC. Then you can go to summer camp and be a reading champion and spend time in the library. The library is a fun place to read in like there is a lot of fun books there to read. This is why I want a library by my home.


Michelle Sherrill, Grade 5

Dear Hilltop Planning Committee,

Kids in the hilltop want a new library here.

I believe if we work together we can get that library. Comics and chapter books are the best to me. We can make any type of library- like a mobile library or a mini library too. Everyone has a favorite book to read.

Libraries are important to kids to have if they don’t have books. If kids don’t have libraries they can’t read, if they can’t read they can’t learn.  Some people don’t have books to read. If we can find the right place to put the library and save up the money we can do it. Or you can make a small library for people. And make it cool too.

Everyone has a goal and love for books because they are fun, cool, and awesome. It will take time but when the time is right we will make it.

Sincerely, Michelle