Please let City Council know you support expanding library services to underserved areas! You can contact them through the information below or attend a City Council meeting in person or online to share your thoughts. Find a list of talking points here.

Use this link to sign our community action letter to Tacoma City Council!


Library branches nearest Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood were closed in 2011. Tacoma has since overall disinvested in library services for less affluent and more diverse communities like Hilltop, where 20% of households live in poverty, compared to 14% in Tacoma and 10% in Pierce County. In 2022, a feasibility study on expanding library services identified possible solutions to restoring library services on the Hilltop and Eastside. However, the City Council has not taken any action. We need long-range financial planning with a vision of a state-of-the-art libraries in Tacoma’s two most distressed neighborhoods. With funds available from the bond issue for facilities upgrades, and the Tacoma Library System’s recommendations to put resources towards opening libraries in both the Hilltop and Eastside communities, the time to act is NOW. These decisions will be made at the end of 2023/beginning of 2024, so don’t leave libraries out!


Mayor Victoria Woodards
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Constituent Services
Phone: (253) 591-5000
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John Hines
Position 1
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Sarah Rumbaugh
Position 2
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Keith Blocker
Position 3
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Catherine Ushka
Position 4
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Joe Bushnell
Position 5
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Kiara Daniels
Position 6
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Olgy Diaz
Position 7
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Kristina Walker
Position 8
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