Please let City Council know you support expanding library services to underserved areas! You can contact them through the information below or attend a City Council meeting in person or online to share your thoughts. Find a list of talking points here.

OUR BIGGEST TALKING POINT: Put the proposed bond measure to fund the library to a vote! Costs for a Hilltop Library Branch could come from bond financing through property tax increases that would be voter approved. 77% of those polled showed support. An operating levy, also voter approved, was supported by 74% of those polled. Tell City Council you support the bond and it needs a vote ASAP so it can be factored into the 2025-2026 budget.

Mayor Victoria Woodards
(253) 591-5125

Constituent Services
Phone: (253) 591-5000
Contact the Mayor’s Office

John Hines
Position 1
(253) 591-5470

Sarah Rumbaugh
Position 2
(253) 591-5447

Keith Blocker
Position 3
(253) 591-5470

Catherine Ushka
Position 4
(253) 591-5447

Joe Bushnell
Position 5
(253) 591-5447

Kiara Daniels
Position 6
(253) 591-5470

Kristina Walker
Position 8
(253) 591-5470